Welcome to Mark Parry Media

Output is across a number of areas in the arts and media including public artworks, installations and cross-art collaborations,
broadcast documentary, short film, theatre and dance.

I work with light, film, digital video and photography both separately and in combination. These elements of my work can be found in the separate categories on the menu at the top of the page but they are all part of one approach which is driven by ideas, context and conveying meaning through evocative and emotive imagery and sound - finding the right combination of forms and detail within those forms, to create a seamless whole. The creative process encompasses the different disciplines, informed by each, whether it results in a film, light work or installation.

Video Lighting Design, water, suspended film and dancer
Video Lighting Design, water, suspended film and dancer

I have recently become a Kaleider Resident.
'Networks' - new artwork for Erewash Museum, created during residency.
Nottingham Light Night - temporary light installation inside a car.
Lightworks 2016 (new media festival) - will be projecting my film works "Interference Pattern" and "If all the mortar.." on the front and side of Nelson House, Grimsby.
Art installation - light-based intervention for the windows of the Assembly Rooms, Lytham. Commissioned for Counterpart, part of Lytham Festival.
Exhibition - new 2D artworks, Fources, France.
Film maker - 'The Playing Field' Tone Dance film, Somerset levels. A new Arts Council funded short.

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Project Notes


TopshotAn interactive installation, in collaboration with Thomas Hall, where the viewers actively shape and become part of the work in a new take on the 'Busby Berkeley Topshot'. Each participant has a unique creative experience governed by their own interaction as they step onto the silver screen. Watch a video here. Supported by Swindon Dance.

If all the mortar..

If all the mortar..turned to water.
A short film, using new and reworked material, that plays with our sense of scale and proportion on a number of levels. Is this a catastrophe or a storm in a teacup?

Project Notes 1

A Few Little Drops

Lighting inside the WaveIn one part of the installation video was projected onto a semi-transparent wall. Performers emerged from the shadows in a room beyond the screen to integrate their live physical presence with the video imagery.


Lighting for danceIdeas from a period of research and development and collaboration included creating compositions and texture through use of a range of very minimal variations on white light, framing the space physically with lights, performers manipulating reflected light on stage.

Project Notes 2

More Curly

More CurlyThis collaboration with a choreographer created a room from multiple projections, viewed from the fourth wall and inhabited by dancers. It played with mass and perspective using travelling shots, surfaces and open landscapes. The majority of light came from the projections themselves.

Blackpool Light Art Commission

Blackpool Art CommissionA large scale artwork inspired by the illuminated signs in B&B windows. I worked with residents of a number of streets to create their own personal messages to the world, in light from their windows. Some of these messages have been exhibited at FYC Gallery and the Town Hall in Blackpool.

Project Notes 3


BetweenA projection installation on the theme of 'Artists at Work', commissioned by Somerset Art Works in partnership with The Brewhouse Gallery and Reveal.


Technical lighting setupThis solo project was set up in a disused indoor market, visible through a series of windows on 2 sides, using computer controlled projection and light to appear to trap a series of slowly shifting and changing seascapes within a room on dry land. The cycles were programmed to run remotely only at night for 3 weeks.